Darwin theory of evolution

 you will know here about Darwin theory of evolution and how tortoise adapted them self  accourding to nature. 

The scientist Charles Robert Darwin explain his theory of evolution.





Charles Robert Darwin (1809 -1882) published his theory of evolution in his book the origin of species. Darwin made arrangements for the voyage for the exploration in the famous historical SHIP HMS beagle . They went on voyage in 1831. During his voyage Darwin visited the various Islands of Atlantic ocean, South Pacific and some coast of South America. The most important works are done in a specific island (Galapagos Spanish word for tortoise) as their the plenty of the giant tortoise and many other insects, Lizard and thousands of bird call finches.

                The tortoise are found everywhere in earth except some places with less vegetation and Harsh climate. The size and the structure of the tortoise depends on the place where they live. They are marine, terrestrial, some of them are both. Some of them are prey and some of them does not have any natural predator. we know that can be evolve from the same ancestor and adapted. 
sea turtle adapted themselves to live under the water throughout the life. They have adapted various diverse features to survive under the water. The four limbs are modified into long paddle like flippers for swimming while the neck and the limbs are no retractile. Since they are cold blooded, sea turtles have a slow metabolic rate which allows them to stay submerged for a long period of time.



         Land tortoise adapted themselves to survive in a warm terrestrial land. The hard shell of the tortoise is the most important mechanism which help them to evolve and survive in the environment. Most of the land tortoise can shrink their head and limbs the  within it. It also helps to prevent the extreme heat. One one of the adaptation are ability to Hibernate under the ground during winter.


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