COMPLEX NUMBER, Sn dey solution

 Mathematics (SOURENDRANATH NATH DE) is a very famous book of  West Bengal board  and Students also like this book. So we are here to provide you some help in the solution of sn dey.

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1. Do you think 4 as a complex number? If so why?

2.i  If x, y are real and x+iy=-i(-2+3i), find x and y.

2.ii If x,y are real and x+iy=(5/(-3+4i)), find x and y.

3. If (1+i)(2+i)(3+i)….(n+i)=a+ib , show that , 2 . 5 . 10….(n^2+1)=a^2+n^2

4. Prove that, `|frac{x-iy}{-x+iy}|=1`

5. if Z=`frac{2+i}{-2+i}` , find conjugate Z in the form a+ib

6. Express in the form A+iB (A, B are real):
6.i `left(1-iright)^3`

6.ii `frac1{1+i}+frac{1+i}i`

6.iii `frac{x+iy}{y-ix}“left(x^2+y^2ne0right)`

6.iv `frac i{2+i}+frac3{1+4i}`

6.v `frac{sqrt3-isqrt2}{2sqrt3-isqrt2}` `frac1{1-costheta-isintheta}`

7. Find the conjugate:
i. `sqrt{-5}-2`

ii. `2-isqrt3-sqrt2`


8. Simplify:
i. `frac{i+i^2+1^3+1^4}{1+i}`



iv. `left(1+iright)^{-2}-left(1-1right)^{-2}`


9. If x, y are real and (x+3i) and (-2+iy) are conjugate of each other , find x and  y.

10. Find the least positive integral value of n so that `left(frac{1+i}{1-i}right)^n=1`

11. Find the modulus:
i. `2sqrt2-isqrt6`




12. Find the arguments of each of the following complex number:
i. 2-2i

ii. -3-3i

iii. (1+i)`left(sqrt3+iright)`

iv. `frac{sqrt3+i}{-1-isqrt3}`

13. If a=`frac{1+i}{sqrt2}` , show that `a^6+a^4+a^2+1=0`

14. Find the cube root of -1 and 27

15. Factorise `a^2+1`

16. If 1,w,`w^2` denote the cube root of unity, find the roots of `left(x+5right)^3+27=0`

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