Consider ‘The Poetry of Earth’ as a sonnet. Or Why does Keats use the sonnet-form for his poem, ‘The Poetry of Earth’?

Ans Keats’s poem, ‘The Poetry of Earth’, is a fine specimen of sonnet. It follows the Petrarchan form of sonnet. The poem contains fourteen lines. It is divided into two parts, the octave and the sestet. Its rhyme-scheme is abba abba cde cde. The form and structure of a sonnet is suitable for developing the theme through illustration and contrast. While the octave depicts the song of summer, the sestet presents the music of winter. Together the octave and the sestet show the continuous flow of songs of Nature amidst all changes. Thus, the sonnet completes a full circle and presents the continuity of the song of Nature amidst cyclic change of seasons.

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