“… he has never done/With his delights.” –Who is ‘he’? What does he do? What does the extract mean?

Here ‘he’ is the Grasshopper.
In summer, the scorching heat of the sun makes all song-birds exhausted. They take shelter in the cool shade of the trees. They become too tired to sing. At this hour, the Grasshopper comes forward and sings in joy. He keeps the flow of song of Nature alive. He expresses immense joy, luxuriating in the gaiety of the season. He becomes the poet of the season. When he becomes tired of singing, he takes rest beneath some pleasant weed only to resume his song with renewed energy.

The extract shows the tireless effort of the Grasshopper in making Nature vibrant with his songs. He is very much delighted. His delights never come to an end. Therefore, he goes on singing joyfully, keeping the poetry of earth even continuing.

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