“The poetry of earth is never dead”. -Where does the line occur? What does the poet mean by this?

Ans The line occurs in Keats’s poem, ‘The Poetry of Earth’.
By this the poet means that songs and music of Nature will never stop. It would go on without any break. Nature and poetry i.e., music are so linked that they will continuously revolve. Any change in season or weather will not affect the continuity of the music of Nature. In summer, the song-birds, being tired with the hot sun, take shelter in cooling shade and stop singing. Still then the song of Nature is heard. The tiny Grasshopper sings merrily as he moves about from hedge to hedge in the meadow. He luxuriates in the gaiety and abundance of the season. Similarly, in the midst of frosty, silent, bleak winter evening the poetry of earth continues. The shrill cry of the Cricket breaks the silence of the winter evenind half asleep person imagines it to be the conti tion of the Grasshopper’s delightful song am the grassy hills. Thus, the poetry of earth never cease.

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