What is the message of the poem, ‘The Poetry of Earth’? How does the poet convey the message?

Ans The opening line of the sonnet expresses the message of the poem that the poetry of earth is never dead. The same idea is found in the first > line of the sestet: “The poetry of earth is ceasing never”.
The poet conveys the message by finding out w the poets of Nature in every season. In the
scorching heat of summer, the song-birds become tired. They take shelter in cool shade and keep silent. Even then the poetry of earth continues. The Grasshopper comes forward to take the lead. He moves from hedge to hedge in the meadow and sings to express his joy. Thus, Keats dedicates the octave to the Grasshopper, the poet of summer, to express his message. In the sestet, he introduces the song of the Cricket to reiterate the continuity of the song of Nature in winter. To a person, half asleep in drowsiness, the song of the Cricket evokes the image of the song of the Grasshopper. Thus, Keats conveys his message through the voices of the Grasshopper and the Cricket.

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