“… when the frost/Has wrought a silence” What picture does the poet draw here?

Ans Here the poet draws the picture of a lone winter evening. Keats uses the Cricket’s song, the frost, and silence to draw a picture of winter. Winter comes with its icy touch. The frost makes the winter evening silent. Nature is now bleak and desolate. In such a frosty silent weather, the Cricket, the tireless bard of winter, keeps the music of earth alive. The Cricket’s shrill song comes from somewhere near the stove. It breaks the icy silence of cheerless winter evening. In the background of lifeless winter, the gay chirping of the Cricket infuses new energy and induces new hope. In such a bitterly cold evening, people feel lonely. To such a person half asleep in drowsiness, the Cricket’s song seems to be the music of the Grasshopper singing joyfully among some grassy hills on a summer day.

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