What do the rough winds do? What does the phrase ‘summer’s lease’ suggest? What are the deficiencies of the summer season?
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day

Ans In the poem, Shakespeare says that the summer winds sometimes shake off the darling blossoms and therefore destroy the natural beauty.

The phrase ‘summer’s lease suggests the span of life granted to summer. This is a legal term. Here the summer’s duration is very short. The season will not continue forever. It will have its natural end according to the course of time.

There are many shortcomings that accompany the beauty of summer. The buds of the summer season are no doubt lovely but they are often destroyed by the rough winds before they can bloom completely. Again sometimes the heat of the sun becomes so excessive that the temperate climate gives way to discomfort. Often clouds gather in the sky and the brightness of the sun is diminished.

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