“She would forget our brief encounter.” – Who thought so? Why did he/she think so? Comment on the pathos of the situation.

The narrator in Ruskin Bond’s short story, ‘The Eyes Have It’, thought so.
In course of his train journey the narrator met a girl in the compartment. He liked the sound of her voice and gradually became interested in her. Quite daringly he praised her face by saying that she had an ‘interesting face’. While they were in the middle of their conversation the train arrived at the girl’s destination. Although the narrator had fascination for the girl, he did not know how the girl would look upon their brief encounter. While the narrator was prepared to accompany her for almost any length of time just to listen to her talking, the girl was pleased that it was a short journey. So the narrator thought the girl would forget their brief encounter as soon as she would get down. > This brief encounter gave a new lease of life to the blind narrator, drove him emotionally and left a lasting impression on his sensitive mind.

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