The main conflict in ‘Thank You Ma’an character vs character. But and important conflict is character vs. Socia Do you agree with this point?

In the short story, ‘Thank You Ma’am’, there is obviously a conflict between Roger and Mrs Jones. Roger tries to steal and Mrs. Jones brings her home and tries to convert him. This conflict is amicably resolved as they both understand each other’s intentions and appreciate each other. The second conflict is between character and society. Both Mrs. Jones and Roger had to suffer a lot in their childhood days. They wanted things but they could not get due to poverty. Society creates materialistic needs, but due to socio-economic reasons, needs of many people are not fulfilled. This leads them to commit misdeeds. Mrs. Jones aptly says, “I have done things too which I would not tell you son”. So Mrs. Jones could realize Roger’s situation and gave him her haru earned money so that he could buy what wanted.

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