Analyze the character of the hermit in the short story ‘Three Questions’.

The hermit is well known in the kingdom for his wisdom. People come to meet him, probably to seek his advice and he meets only the common folk. The hermit is frail and weak. But he does his work on his own. When the Tsar meets him, he is seen preparing seed beds. He does not talk much. The Tsar asks him several times to give the answers to his questions, but he does not say a word in this regard until the end. He is logical and asks the Tsar to take rest after the Tsar has dug a few holes. He is also a kind and considerate person as he helps the Tsar to bandage the wounded man. But the most striking feature of the hermit’s character is his wisdom. He explains the answers explicitly to the Tsar at the very end. He does not promptly give answers to the Tsar but waits till the Tsar learns through experiences. This makes him a very realistic yet his own interesting character.

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