How did the Tsar find out the answers to his three questions?

The Tsar had three specific questions. But the answers were not found easily. None of the scholars could satisfy the Tsar. At last he went to a hermit in the guise of a common man. Seeing the hermit working hard, the Tsar took pity on him and expressed his desire to help him. Later he also took good care of a wounded man who primarily intended to murder him. However, the Tsar made peace with the man who was his avowed enemy. In his course of action were hidden, the hermit pointed out, answers to his three vital questions. The answers were explained to him by the hermit. The hermit elucidated that the most important time is present, the most important person is one who is with the Tsar and the most important thing to do is to do good to the person who is with Tsar.

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