Introduction to the Poem- Brotherhood: Homage to Claudius Ptolemy

English Translation of the Original Poem: The poem “Hermandad” (“Brotherhood’ in English) was originally written in Spanish in 1987. It was translated into English by Eliot Weinberger, a popular American essayist, critic and translator.

Rhythm of the Universe and Position of the Human being in the Same: This is one of the short poems that shows an analogy between the rhythm of the universe and the language of man. The poem illustrates Paz’s idea of the significance of a human being in the universe. According to Paz human existence on earth is almost insignificant in the scheme of universe. However, everyman has a specific role in this scheme. So, he is trivial but not purposeless.

Dedication to Ptolemy: The poem is a tribute to Claudius Ptolemy (AD 90-160). Ptolemy (Ptolemaeus in Latin) was a Greek astronomer (অ্যাস্ট্রোনমার) and geographer (জিওগ্রাফার). He worked at the library of Alexandria, Egypt. Ptolemy’s chief astronomical ( A PS) work, Almagest, is a mathematical treatise (lq1067) on the apparent motion of stars and planets in a geocentric (1986-167) model. In this work, he drew heavily on the work of Hipparchus. The Ptolemaic system is based on the concept of geocentric world system of the ancient Greeks. His Geography, which provides the basis for a world map, was a definitive text until the Renaissance (cacao ). The dedication suggests that the poem, ‘Brotherhood’, is about the search for corresponding rhythms in the universe. The title also indicates this idea of relationship that binds everything organically.

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