What was the relationship of the little girls with Annabel? What happened to the younger girl? Why did Annabel urge Ralph to do something? How did he save the little girl?

The little girls were the nieces of Miss Annabel Adams.

At the bank, the elder girl playfully pushed her little sister inside the vault and shut the door. As a result, the little girl was locked in. > All were terrified when the little girl got locked inside the new vault. But none could find a way to bring her out. Annabel thought that her lover, Mr. Ralph D. Spencer, would be able to perform a miracle. So she urged Ralph to do something to rescue the girl trapped inside the vault.
Ralph begged Annabel of her rose and became Jimmy again. He opened the door of the vault with his drill and other tools of safe cracking and thereby rescued the trapped girl unharmed. Thus, he became a hero and his transformation was complete.

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