Briefly describe the train of Sir Mohan Lal’s thoughts as he sat waiting alone in the first-class waiting room.

Sir Mohan had always fancied to be very English in his attitude. He was fond of conversation, and on any subject. Before the arrival of the train, he sat ruminating about his past years in England and considering the prospect of travelling with Englishmen. He thought of solving the crossword puzzle in The Times to attract their attention. He also wondered if someone would recognize his Balliol tie. He would offer scotch or foreign cigarettes to his English copassenger to develop an intimacy. His five years of stay in London always evoked happy memories. His colleges, masters, classes, sports events, dinners, nights at Piccadilly were happily reminisced by Sir Mohan Lal as conversation topics. Compared with this fairy land England, India seemed to be both dirty and vulgar.

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