How do Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker react to Leela’s missing chain? How does Leela herself react? What does this suggest about each of them?

Mrs. Sivasankar notices Leela’s gold chain to be missing. When asked, Leela denies any knowledge of the chain being missing. She calls Sidda and asks him about the chain. When Sidda meekly denies any knowledge of the chain, Mrs. Sivasanker directly charges him with theft and threatens to report it to police. Panic-stricken, Sidda flees. When Mr. Sivasanker is informed of the incident, he grows excited, goes to the police station and lodges a complaint against Sidda.

Only Leela remains indifferent to the loss of the chain.

This suggests that Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker are extremely materialistic and suspicious by nature. They are shallow and judge by appearances. Whereas Leeia is a truly innocent child living around her own world of play and fantasy. Unlike her parents she cares little for the monetary value of the missing chain and has firm faith in her fellow human beings.

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