List the ways in which Sidda’s company makes Leela ‘supremely happy’ and also how Leela attempts to educate him in turn.

Leela and Sidda gradually establish a unique relationship between themselves. Sidda seems to know the tricks of a magician. He can make the ball touch the moon. He even appears to make the moon move. He tells Leela wonderful stories. He gives Leela his pleasant company whenever she asks for it. All these make Leela supremely happy.

Leela wants to teach Sidda. As an obedient student, Sidda has to squat on the floor in front of her with a pencil between his fingers. He has to try to draw a ‘crow’ or write the letter ‘B’ following Leela’s drawing and writing. His wrist gets stiff and cracks but he cannot satisfy his teacher. He seeks relief on the plea that she is being called by her mother for having dinner.

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