Why was Leela so pleased playing the teacher to Sidda? What was Sidda’s condition time of Leela’s teaching? Or, How did Leela try to make Sidda What was the result?

Little Leela had just started learning the alphabet and drawing pictures of a few animals and birds and had mastered two or three letters. Sidda had entertained Leela but he was illiterate. She thought she would do him a good turn by teaching him. Above all it was the only occasion when the youngest member of the family could supersede an older person. Hence she took to teaching Sidda and it gave her great joy.
Sidda was in a precarious condition then. He could neither draw a perfect “crow nor give his ‘B’ a proper shape. His wrist would get stiff and inflexible. To get rid of the hard taskmaster he sent her to her mother on the plea of being called for dinner.

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