“The inspiration that the youth got from the ladies worked wonders for him” Describe in brief the wrestling match between Orlando and the professional wrestler? What effect did the match have on the ladies?

Orlando’s opponent was the professional wrestler in the court of Duke Frederick. It was an
unequal contest because the wrestler was strong and experienced. Orlando was an inexperienced young man. Even the Duke requested Rosalind and Celia to dissuade the young man from fighting. But the young man was resolute. He said that he was sorry to deny the ladies; and asked the ladies to wish the best for him. He was inspired by the presence of he ladies and defeated his opponent in no time.

Rosalind and Celia were greatly pleased after the match. Earlier they had pity for the young
wrestler. But soon this feeling of pity was transformed. Rosalind fell in love with Orlando and
presented him her golden chain after knowing his lineage. Celia was also concerned for Orlando and said that unlike her father, she was pleased to know the young man.

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