What made Rosalind and Celia opt for a life of hardship in a forest, shearing a life of calm and comfort in the palace, leaving aside their palace life?

Duke Frederick had been displeased with Rosalind for some time because she was praised
for her virtues and people pitied her for her banished father. He also felt that she had over-
shadowed his own daughter, Celia. So in a fit of anger, he ordered Rosalind to join her father in the forest. Celia, unable to bear the thought of separating from her dearest cousin, pleaded in favour of her sister. When the Duke turned a deaf ear to her pleas, she determined to accompany Rosalind to the forest of Arden in search of her father. Thus, while Rosalind was left with no choice, Celia deliberately opted for a life of hardship forgoing the comforts of a palace life.

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