Whom did the banished duke and his followers live like in the forest of Arden? What were the sweet uses of adversity for the lawful duke? Why was the adversity of the Forest of Arden preferred to the courtier’s life? [1+2+2]

The banished duke and his followers lived there like the old Robin Hood of England.

The duke became aware of the positive side of adversity during his stay in the forest of Arden. He compared the positive side of adversity to the precious jewel that the ugly and poisonous toad wears in its forehead, and which is used for medicinal purposes. The duke drew useful moral from everything he saw in the forest-he found tongues in trees, books in flowing streams, sermons in stones and good in everything.

”The Forest of Arden was preferred because there was no deception or unkindness. The duke and his followers got rid of the intriques of courtly life. The pastoral setting of the forest enriched their minds.

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