What was the experience of Antipholus Younger and Dromio Younger in the house of Adriana?

Adriana, the wife of elder Antipholus, arrived at the inn and claimed younger Antipholus as her husband. This was a mistake because of the two brothers’ identical appearance. The Antipholus Younger and the Dromio Younger were taken to the house of the elder Antipholus. The Antipholus Younger was served dinner there and Adriana continued calling him her husband. The sister of Adriana, Luciana also gave company to Antipholus Younger. The Younger Dromio also had to face an awkward situation because the cook-maid of the house, Dowsabel, claimed him as her husband. The situation became so embarrassing that the Antipholus Younger and the Dromio Younger fled from the house to get rid of their supposed
wives. However, the Antipholus Younger was attracted to Luciana.

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