What accusation did Brabantio make against Othello to the Duke? What was Othello’s explanation? To whom did Desdemona pledge her duty?

Brabantio appeared before the Duke and accused Othello of entrapping his daughter, Desdemona, by spells and witchcraft, in order to marry her secretly.

In self-defence, Othello artlessly told about the course of his love. He eloquently recounted the whole story of his wooing. He explained that Desdemona loved him for the dangers he had experienced and overcome.

Desdemona confirmed Othello’s statement. She professed her duty to her father for life and education. But like her mother who had shown allegiance to her husband above her father, Desdemona too professed a higher duty to her husband, Othello. Everyone in the court approved the marriage of Othello and Desdemona because their explanations made everyone content.

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